Friday, May 20, 2005

Solar power comes to Brooklyn

One of my favorite restaurants in New York city, Cafe Habana is coming to Brooklyn. On top of their incredible grilled corn, their place is the first ever solar-powered restaurant in New York City installed by

Maybe the future of 'green' is closer than I first thought.
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Thursday, May 12, 2005

Trash recycling

Interesting article on how the Japanese recycle trash. To Americans struggling with sorting trash into a few categories, Japan may provide a foretaste of daily life to come. In a national drive to reduce waste and increase recycling, neighborhoods, office buildings, towns and megalopolises are raising the number of trash categories. On the streets and train stations in Japan, there are trash bins for cans, glass, paper and burnable trash, and newspapers. Placing these in public spaces reinforces people to recycle and to do their part to keep everything spotless. People don't just throw their candy wrappers, coffee cups, water bottles and newspapers on the floor like Americans do. Hope that all nations will follow suit to reduce landfill and encourage cleanliness.
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Monday, May 09, 2005

Brooklyn bound?

One way to look ahead is to picture yourself in your future home. I've always thought that I'd have a big home and have a back yard to play baseball with the kids, and have a bbq. But as pixie and I walked around Park Slope Brooklyn, we loved the atmosphere of the neighborhood, the proximity to Manhattan, and to the park. We took the picture of a great townhouse above; quaint, not too large, and a lot of charm. Now she is determined to move there sooner than later. If Brooklyn is our future, it might be calling us soon.
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Tuesday, May 03, 2005

pspcasting, podcasting, and blogs

There's a trend towards self participation, or audience-generated media. First, reality TV shows, now there's podcasting and blogging. People want to participate in getting their voice heard. There's a lot of buzz about turning the radio programming over to podcasters, effectively the masses:

It also looks like the Sony PSP (which I wrote about earlier) is showing signs of life from advertisers such as Unilever. is also posting clips from ABC News and upcoming movie trailers. PsP-casting coming in the near future? A google search for "PSP casting" yields only 123 hits as of May 3, 2005. With self publishing and audience participation, look for more variations to come in media/entertainment.
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