Tuesday, March 22, 2005

USA PSP launch in 2 days

With all the media hype out there about Sony's PSP handheld system, it'll be interesting to see how sales do in the US.

I'm off to Japan in a few weeks, so I'll check out the technology out there. I'll be back with pics and some reviews of some of the cool things that from Akihabara.

As for me, I'm not planning on getting a PSP mostly because I know I don't have time to play any games. But being a gadget freak that I am, you never know. I'm also not happy with the fact that PSP uses Sony's memory stick form factor and the proprietary UMD disc format. I use SD cards for all my flash memory (camera, USB drive, etc).

Sony is really leaning on this product to bring in future revenue. The PSP looks like a slick system, but it will need time for the market to mature and people to accept their format.


Anonymous said...

you should buy some PSP games and sell them on ebay!

10:13 AM  

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