Tuesday, November 01, 2005

AOL founder Steve Case's Revolution

Steve Case, the AOL founder has started a new company called Revolution LLC to focus on the benefits in health care, living and resorts and the opportunity to invest in businesses that have a bright future. Revolution is a private holding company that Case is funding with $500 million of his estimated $825 million fortune and that will invest in health care, wellness, and resorts.
Initially, Revolution will focus on three domains: resorts, living and health. However, the Revolution approach lends itself to many other sectors, and over time Revolution will expand its focus. Indeed, we have already acquired the rights to the Revolution name for more than 50 other domains, to maximize our flexibility, and to leverage the Revolution brand name across many sectors. But for now, we'll focus on resorts, living and health, as we believe each represents a multi-billion dollar opportunity.
Case believes in the next two decades as aging baby boomers seek their comforts, they will move wellness and living into the mainstream; health care because when his older brother, Daniel Case III, was diagnosed with what proved to be a fatal brain cancer, he saw for himself just how difficult it is for even the privileged to make well-informed decisions about their care. He is interested in those that provide online data about the price and quality of doctors and those that make available electronic medical records; he's considering everything from high-end personalized health coaching services to clinics at retail stores like Target. As he says: "Health care is monumentally complex, confusing, inefficient, and inconvenient. Meanwhile it's the biggest industry in the country, and everybody hates it." The "wellness" business, a $400 billion industry that is expected to grow to $1 trillion by 2020, would be a natural complement to his interest in health care. He's clearly looking ahead and glad to see him going back to his entrepreneurial roots.


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