Wednesday, June 08, 2005

new fashion trend: Ruehl (Part 2)

When I wrote about Ruehl back in March, not many people had heard of it. I like this 'concept store' because they have the 'cool factor'. Now that have written up Ruehl, more investors will take notice. Its sales of $159 million were 43% higher compared with the same period a year ago, while GAP's sales decreased 3% compared with a year ago (includes GAP, Banana Republic, and Old Navy). What other retail stocks can say the same? Since 2001, it's even beaten Chico (CHS: NYSE), which has seen an unbelieveable run up in stock price. But Chico's target is for the older woman. In any case, the new breed of bringing a lifestyle store to the masses is getting to be more and more the norm. There will be a lot more stores that will try to model their brand experience of Abercrombie, Hollister, and Ruehl.


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